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Blondie Is A Group....

...And Then Some!

Blondie Rapture
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b l o n d i e r a p t u r e

Welcome to blondie_rapture, the livejournal community for all things Blondie and Deborah Harry. Post and discuss anything Blondie/Debbie-related that your heart desires - News, concert reviews, pictures (make sure to use an LJ cut! one of your mods is a dial-up user), links, whatever. As long as it's Blondie/music-related, it's cool here.

There are a few simple rules that I'd appreciate you'd follow..

1) No personal attacks. It's not cool. Take it to email, AIM, whatever. Middle school drama is stupid no matter where you are, but keep it out of here.
2) Learn the LJ cut tag and use it when posting pictures larger than 200 pixels in width. It's quite simple, really. To use the tag, copy this code:
<lj-cut>your entry goes here</lj-cut>
Large images out in the open can really piss people off, since they take forever to load, so please, cut them.
3) I don't care if you swear. I have the mouth of a truck driver, so I can't stop you. Just don't get too vulgar. Again, don't get personal with it, either.
4) Promoting is only okay if the community is music-related, or has something to do with the band or Debbie.
5) Don't direct link photos. Bandwidth runs out easily as it is. Don't abuse it.

That being said, this community is pretty relaxed and lots of fun. If you love Blondie, please join today! Any questions, ask me at my journal at colourscrash and I'd be more than happy to help you.

Your mod,
Kate [katieramone] xx

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Interested in affiliating? email moderndaymystery [at] gmail.com with "affiliates" in the subject line, and I'll check it out.