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Thought this might be of interest....

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to go to the press conference/launch of the forthcoming musical featuring Blondie songs in London. 'Desperately Seeking Susan' is a musical based on the 80s Madonna movie set to Blondie's greatest hits! The launch was in a bar/club where they pumped out Blondie's well-known songs whilst projecting photos of Blondie, CBGBs etc. onto the walls, then Debbie came out to have her photo taken with Chris and Clem, and then with the 2 actresses in the musical, before there was a short talk on the musical and Debbie introduced the two stars who sang some of the songs that will feature in the show 'Dreaming', 'Call Me' etc. Debbie looked fabulous! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but if you do a search for Debbie Harry over at Getty Images you will see some shots from the event.
Here is an extract from the press release that was handed out (along with a very cool goodie bag containing a CD of Blondie's greatest hits, some blonde shampoo and a set of badges!)

Desperately Seeking Susan, based on the smash hit MGM 80s romantic comedy, will open in London at the Novello Theatre on 12 October, with a press night on Thursday 15 November. The show will feature the classic catalogue of Blondie tracks brilliantly woven into the much-loved fish-out-of-water story. Including hits such as Heart of Glass, Atomic, One Way or Another, Dreaming and The Tide Is High, Desperately Seeking Susan will also introduce 'Moment of Truth', a new song written by Deborah Harry especially for this production.
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